Abortion Recovery Support

Anguishing Over an Abortion?
Don’t suffer in silence.

If you or someone you know is hurting from an abortion experience, help is available.

Solutions offers individual or group counseling support, led by women who are sensitive and understand first-hand the aftermath of an abortion decision.

The unwanted pregnancy and subsequent abortion may be far behind you, but the memories of that painful experience still tear at your soul. Day after day you struggle with an intense inner conflict that won’t go away. Are you alone in your turmoil?

No. In fact, health care professionals across the country are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of women with such symptoms. And their research indicates that these women are suffering from a problem known as post abortion syndrome (PAS) – deep-rooted guilt associated with a past abortion.

Many Solutions Pregnancy and Health Center volunteers have personally experienced abortion. They truly understand the confusion, emptiness and heartache which so often follow.

Recent research is beginning to demonstrate that abortion can, in fact, be responsible for a profound array of long-term emotional disturbances in a woman’s life.

PAS is the term being used to describe a woman’s inability to: (1) process the fear, anger, sadness and guilt surrounding her abortion experience, (2) grieve the loss of her baby, and (3) come to peace with God, herself and others involve in the abortion decision.

Information on PAS was taken from Focus on the Family Booklet, “Identifying and Overcoming Post-Abortion Syndrome” by Teri Reisser, M.S. and Paul Reisser, M.D.